E's Unconventional Buffy Shipping



"Once a jolly Buffy shipper,
Sat by a mailing list"

Back in Y2K E Bailey wrote a series analyzing the various relationships in Buffy fanfiction which he posted to the BuffyLovesWillow and BuffyWantsWillow mailing lists on Egroups (later became Yahoo Groups). I have, with E's permission, converted these into HTML and posted them here for the edification and education of the masses. There are ten parts divided according to the primary focus of each ship (the slayers get two each because of their extra stamina).

NB These contain R/NC-17 content and implications so are not suitable for anyone likely to be offended by such material or for whom it would be illegal to view such material. Contains discussion of F/F, M/F anf M/M sexual interation and relationships. Don't want to read such material, then please try somewhere else.


If you find any problems with the HTML please mail me on stephenbooth@bigfoot.com.

If you wish to link to these pages, cool, go ahead but please drop E a mail for permission and me a mail so if I make any changes I can get in contact with you. Ditto for if you want to host them on your own site. Obviously if you're just using the text and discarding my HTML you don't need to email me, just E. The pages are a bit rough and ready at the moment (I was more concerned with just getting them up), I'll fix any problems as I find them or that are reported to me and might improve the layout if I get inspired.

If anyone wants to provide any annotations or write a section for someone E left out then mail it to me and I'll be happy to pop it in. Please note that for anything over about 10 lines submissions should be in HTML or MS-Word97 format or in plain text but only contain line breaks at the end of paragraphs (converting big text documents is one of those tasks which is not hard, just labourious). Submissions should also include an indication of what file you are annotating (eg if you write an annotation about Willow/Cordelia/Faith should I put that under Willow, Faith or Cordelia), your name, how you want your name represented on the page (if not your real name) and a contact email address (which will be put on the page unless you explicitly ask me not to). If you have a site you want a link to placed on the page then please include the URL and what you want the link text to be (hint: suppling submissions as a complete HTML page will make me happy and probably result in a quicker upload).

I want to emphasise that these are E's words, my only input was to convert them to HTML and correct a couple of spelling mistakes I found in the process. All praise to E for some wonderful work.