E's Unconventional Buffy Shipping - Faith (Part 1)

Cordy: "OK, the formalities...

Title: Unconventional Faith Shipping, Part 1

Disclaimer: Joss owns us. No one's making any money off of this. It's a lot like working for Angel..."

Willow: "Cordelia... On topic, please?"

Cordy: "Let me vent, all right? Anyway...

Notes: This continues from Unconventional Buffy Shipping, Parts 1 and 2, and Unconventional Willow Shipping. A lot of variety in the titiles, huh?"

Willow: "Cordelia..."

Cordy: "OK, OK!!...

Spoilers: Um, some mild ones for various episodes and lots of fanfic. Oh, and some old musical and an old Reeces commercial.

Warnings: Like these lists need warnings... Consentual sexual situations involving two women, three women, two women and one man, etc..

Distribution: Do I have to say this? Shouldn't this be Faith's?"

Willow: "Well, yeah, but she's, you know, occupied..."

Cordy: "OK... Want, take, have, but let E know, first."

Willow: "Are we ready?"

Tara: "I'm not sure... I mean..."

Willow: "I know.. Don't worry about it. We've all slept with her..."

Dru: "It's like that song in The King And I, about the bee and thebuttercups..."

Tara: "Wouldn't she be a buttercup?"

Dru: "Oh yes... She's a buttercup that flies, from buttercup tobuttercup... You remember that commercial for peanut butter cups, where the two people would run into each other, and one would be eating peanut butter,and one would be eating chocolate...?"

Cordy: "See, told you!"

Willow: "Smug, vision girl... So, are we ready to start?"

Tara: "Well, um, the Slayers... They're... um... over there..."

Willow: "Well, someone needs to get their attention."

Cordy: "Don't look at me!"

Willow: "Sigh..." (Goes to Buffy'n'Faith, who are making out) "Ahem!!"

Faith: "Hmm?"

Buffy: "Huh? Willow! C'mere..."

Willow: "Hey!!! No, no, we can't!! Not now!!! We're on!"

Faith: "Oh!!! Damn, OK..."

Buffy: "We're ready."

Thank you. Yes, we're back to look at more unconventional relationships in Buffy fanfic, this time focusing on Faith. Most FaithFic ships are going tobe unconventional, as she hasn't really had any relationships on the show,unless you count Xander.

Willow: "Well, that wasn't really what I'd call a relationship, so we can count it as an unconventional one."

Ok, then. In F/X stories, sometimes things go differently, and Faith doesn'ttry to strangle him.

Buffy: "How many times to I have to tell you... Safeword..."

In others, she repents, and he forgives her. And, of course, in some, she shares Xander with her fellow Slayer...

Buffy: "Damn straight!"

Faith: "Hell, yeah!"

Tara: "Are they going to start that, again?"

Probably. Which brings us to...


Faith: "Ohhh, yeah!!!"

This one is so popular that the majority of FathFic involves it, to a degree. Even when Faith is being shipped with someone else, she's often thinking about Buffy.

Buffy: "As she should be."

This ship came about because it's almost qualifies as a conventional one. From Faith's introduction on the show, their scenes have reeked with subtext B/F shippers even got support from Joss, himself, who liked the idea. We'vecovered B/F shipping before, so we won't rehash it all...

Faith: "I'm the only one who understands her... Who knows what it's like... Being the perfect preditor, loving the hunt, the kill, the sex..." (Sings) "She's a complicated girl, but no one understands her but her woman..."

Cordy: "Please!!! Don't sing that. These writers are twisted enough, already..."

B/F fic can be angsty and intense, light and fun, and always sexy.

Faith: "Well, with a couple of hungry, horny, Slayers, what do you expect?"

And, we've also covered Faith/Willow...

Buffy: "But we can never get enough Willow.."

True. One popular trend, recently, is to have stories featuring Buffy and Faith as a couple, and Willow and Tara as a couple...

Faith: "So, when do we get a foursome?"

It'll happen, I'm sure. There are, however, many Faith fans who are rather hostile towards Willow...

Cordy: "Oh, yeah... I guess Willow had no right to be offended by Faith putting a knife to her throat..."

Fanfic doesn't always have to be logical...

Faith: "Well, y'know, she stole B from me..."

Buffy: "You're right about the logic thing. Look at how much action Angel gets. Soul escape clause? What soul escape clause?"

One nice thing about writing fanfic is you don't neccessarily have to follow the rules...

Buffy: "Except that's the whole reason Angel left me..."

Faith: "I thought it was because he knew you belonged with me, or Red, or the Prom Queen, or whoever..."

Speaking of the brooding vampire, we have...


Faith: "Yeah! Why should she be the only one who gets to boink the undead?"

This is based on the sexual tension between the two of them, and the idea that Angel is the only one who understands Faith, having been psychotic, himself...

Cordy: "Except, he had the excuse of not having his soul... And isn't Buffy sufficiantly sociopathic?"

Buffy: "Look, I said I was sorry about almost killing you in the first Cordy: "Am I the only one who's noticed that you've clocked or almost killed every Scooby except Willow? And this is on the actual show!"

Faith: "Hey, those are the risks... Besides, I took care of clocking Willow, so B doesn't have to..."

Angel is another one Faith and Buffy have shared. Then, there's...


I sort of blame myself for this one. I spent a lot of bandwith on the newsgroup going on about what a perfect couple they'd be, suggesting double dates with Buffy and Angel. My reasoning was that Faith embodies everything Spike loves about Buffy. They both love violence, sex, and leather. I also suspect a conversation there led to another ship. I was joking that, with all the B/F and B/W shipping, Cordy needed her turn with Buffy. Another poster joked that she saw subtext in Homecoming when they were looking so lovely in the limo together. The next thing I knew, someone had started a series on that basis...

Willow: "So, that was your fault?"

Maybe. I don't know. Recently, I was encouraging a Willow/Harmony ship, so we'll see what happens...

Willow: "You're evil..."

Oh, and the Slayers sometimes share Spike, too. To complete Faith's vampirelust, we have...


Dru: "Yes! We complete each other, depend on each other..."

Buffy: "...Get each other killed..."

Cordy: "Great. TWO psychos..."

Well, you aparently don't mind, as there is also...


Cordy: "Well, there should be one sane person in a relationship."

There's also been Faith/Oz, based on the hostility some FaithFic writers feeltowards Willow. That's also led to Faith/Tara...

Buffy: "What?!! You've gotten some, already?"

Faith: "Yeah..."

Buffy: "Damn.. Gotta talk to these writers..."

And, of course, there's Faith/Giles, based on the Watcher and Slayer finding a connection. This is another one where the Slayers have shared. There's even been Faith/Veruca...

Buffy: "Um, wasn't Veruca dead while Faith was in a coma?"

Yes, but she got better, only to have Faith kill her again since she was planning to stalk Willow, which would have upset Buffy...

Faith: "The things I do for ya, B.."

Finally, we have, in the most twisted love triangle I've seen in Buffy fanfic...

Cordy: "And that's saying something..."


Tara: "WHAT?!!!! You... you..."

Basically, Faith gets upset with Buffy over something or other, in one case walking in on Buffy and Angel having sex...

Buffy: "What?!!! You screwed Xander..."

Faith: "Yeah, but that was different. I didn't have feelings for him..."

Buffy: "And that makes it OK?!!!"

...So, Faith ends up, in various circumstances, in Joyce's bed. She's still in love with Buffy, though...

Buffy: "You... You mother..."

Willow: "Buffy!!! Language..."

Faith: "Come on, B... You know I have no control over what these writers do to me..."

Cordy: "And it's not like she's the only one..."

Buffy: "OK, OK... I know about Giles... What other lovers of mine have been sleeping with my mother?"

Willow: "Well, there's Xander..."

Buffy: "Is there anyone Xander HASN'T been shipped with?"

Willow: "I don't think so. Oh, and Angel... And Spike..."

Buffy: "And she lectures me about MY sex life?!!!"

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