E's Unconventional Buffy Shipping - Faith Part 2

Cordy: "I did the formalities, last time, so now it's Tara's turn... Um,


Tara: (Looking disheveled) "Wow..."

Cordy: "Um, you're supposed to do the disclaimers and stuff?..."

Tara: "Oh... Um... Yeah..."

Cordy: "Hello! What's with you? You look like you had your first double Slayer experience... Oh..."

Willow: "Yeah, the first one of those can leave you a bit... Well..."

Cordy: "She OK?"

Willow: "She'll be all right..."

Tara: "Wow.."

Cordy: "Well, someone has to do this intro, so, since the Slayers have created this situation..."

Buffy: "Hey, guys!" (She and Faith start kissing Tara)

Willow: "C'mon, you two... Let her recover..."

Buffy: "Oh, OK.."

Faith: "Y'know, I haven't done Cordy in a while..."

Buffy: "Me, neither. Shall we?"

Cordy: "Hey, wait a minute! We're in the middle of something! You two have to do an intro... Um..."

Willow: "AHEM!!"

Buffy: "Oh, OK...

Title: Unconventional Faith Shipping, Part 2

Writer: E

Email: ebailey140@aol.com

Disclaimer: E doesn't own any of this. It's owned by Joss, Mutant Enemy, WB, Fox, yadda, yadda, yadda..."

Faith: "The WB are the people who won't let us kiss on screen, right?"

Buffy: "Never mind that I kissed that Zoe girl on that awards show..."

Cordy: "And got an award for it."

Willow: "I knew I should be worried about those people since they have a frog as their symbol..."

Buffy: "Oh yeah, your frog fear..."

Willow: "I have nightmares where that frog is running in editing scenes from my life... And postponing our Graduation for months..."

Buffy: "Do these involve public nudity?"

Willow: "No, he covers me up."

Faith: "Notes: This is the fifth in the Unconventional Shipping Overview series, following the two parter on Buffy, the Willow one, and my first one. In these, we're fully aware of what we do both on the show and in fanfic.

Archiving: Want, take, have, tell E."

OK. We're back for a further look in unconventional shipping on Buffy, again focusing on Faith. There were a couple I missed last time around...

Cordy: "Can't imagine that..."

Sorry. I'd seen these two, but was still being stunned by the F/J pairing...

Buffy: "You and me, both."

First, there's Faith/Kate...

Willow: "Who's that?"

Faith: "Oh, she's this cop in LA. Has a real mad on for Angel and all us supernatural types..."

Buffy: "Sort of like Forrest, only a girl... You know, the sometimes grudging ally who wants to rid the world of us, but has to side with us, sometimes..."

Cordy: "But, she's attractive, so she's going to get shipped. Her dad thought she was gay, so she gets shipped with me and Faith, a lot. Buffy doesn't hang around LA enough to get shipped with her..."

F/K shipping tends to follow the popular FaithFic theme of Faith being alone and vulnerable, and just needed someone to show they care about her. Faith, being Faith, boinks her.

There's also Faith/Lindsey...

Buffy: "Him, again?"

Faith: "Yeah, I worked with him for a bit, so..."

So, I think we've covered everybody...

Anya: "No, you haven't!"

Buffy: "Hey, Anya! What are you doing here?"

Anya: "What am I NOT doing here? Why do I never get shipped? One writer remembered me and shipped me with Buffy, for which I'm extremely grateful, but most of these people leave me out of the loop!"

Willow: "Well, you're so focused on Xander, it's hard to picture you with anyone else."

Cordy: "Like it's easy to picture you with Lindsey or Ethan?"

Willow: "Good point."

Buffy: "She DOES have an extremely strong sex drive. She's all libido. Hey, think she was supposed to be a Slayer 1100 years ago, but was turned into a vengeance demon, instead?"

Faith: "Sounds like it. I think we need to test her endurence."

Buffy: "Sounds good. You up for it?"

Anya: "Of course."

Faith: "Cool! We done here, 'til next time?"

Cordy: "Isn't it my turn?"

Willow: "For a shipping overview?"

Cordy: "Well, yeah, that too..."

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