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Warning much of the fanfiction in this archive may not suitable be for young readers. By clicking on a link you are indicating that is is legal for you to read material at that rating in your home region. These stories frequently include descriptions of sexual activities between members of the same sex. If that is not legal in your home area then either try a different web site or move to a better area. All stories are rated according to a rating system devised by myself. Shortly after the 2005 Oscars the MPAA decided that the US rating system was copyright to them and began sending cease and desist letters backed up by threats of legal action to sites that used it to classify fanfiction. I previously used the US system but have now devised my own to avoid getting sued. The table below gives a rough equivelency for various countries:

K (Kids)
G U/Uc G/C G Suitable for Anyone (C/Uc=Explicitly aimed at Children)
  12 M   No under 12s
T (Teens)
PG PG PG PG Not reccomended for Under 13 (15 in Australia/NZ) but still allowed in.
PG-13       No Under 13s without adult supervision
MT (Mature Teens)
R 15 MA 15+ M No Under 15s (in US and Australia under 15s allowed in with adult supervision)
      R16 No Under 16s.
A (Adult)
NC-17 18 R R18 No Under 18's allowed
        R20 No Under 20's allowed
    X   Pornography

Many thanks to Tony McD, Jess and Kirk B for information.


A Perspective, rated K. A rather unique perspective on Willow and Tara's relationship.

A chance meeting, rated T. Willow and Tara have coffee with Giles and discover what he gets up to at the weekend.

A step in the right direction, rated A. Willow takes her relationship with Tara a step further.

It's just not Cricket, rated A. Willow and her lover try something that willow saw in a TV show whilst researching for an assignment.

Bicurious Rated A. Buffy and Anya have a couple of beers

Gods I want her rated R. Short stream of consciousness piece. Someone is thinking about the woman they love.

Before Term rated A. Set shortly before S6. Willow and Tara take advantage of Dawn being back at school, then she comes home. Ends on an angsty note.

On Display rated K. Buffy falls.

In step at last rated T. Willow and Tara dance for the first time.

An uncompleted series that I really must get around to finishing someday. The series is in three strands (incomplete stories that somewhat overlap) and comes together in the final act. This was written just after S4 was completed so is only canon up to that point. Dawn is present but everyone knows she's just a normal girl.

A New Beginning. Buffy has a life changing experience.

Suprises rated T. Buffy has a suprising discovery.

Confirming and Advancing rated T. It's confirmed

Dusk rated T. Joyce suprises Buffy and has a chat with Tara.

A New Day rated T Part 1. Telling Xander and Anya Part 2 Private Graham Miller gets a new job and returns to Sunnydale.

In Harms Way. Set around the same time as 'A New Beginning'

Beginning a Long Journey rated T. Willow and Tara cast a spell.

Discovery rated T. The results of the spell become apparent

Past Redemption. Faith's story

Part 1

Coda and Ashcroft's Lament rated T. Epilogue and character death (link is to copy of fic on Fanfiction.net)


These and other of my fanfics can also be found at Fanfiction.net here.


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