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A number of authors now provide content or samples of thier material through automatically updated syndication. Where I have found suitable content I am featuring it on this site. This page brings it all together in one place. The items featured on this page may or may not also appear elsewhere on the site, they may also contain promotional messages. Syndicated content is featured where explicit permission has been given to so feature or where it is deemed such permission is implicitly given. Due to the nature of the syndication services this page requires Javascipt and iFRAME support to function correctly, if your browser does not support such features then where possible an alternate link to the content is provided. Regretfully this is not always possible with some content suppliers.



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Sophos Antivirus Virus and Hoax warnings (English)

These are news feeds from Sophos AntiVirus about recent alerts and hoaxes.




Sophos Antivirus Information in Spanish



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