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Got a question about Buffy, Angel or anyone involved in the shows? Well, this is where to ask it. Enter your question into the form below and it will go up on the Questions Asked page and once it's answered it'll go onto the Questions Answered page. This may take some time as the method for transferring questions and answers is me copying and pasting, should take between one and three days depending on workload.

If your question doesn't appear after 7 days then the odds are that I have felt that it was essentailly the same question as one that has already been asked. I reserve all rights to edit or not post questions or answers for any reason. Please try to make your question as specific as prossible and give background information to help people understand what you are getting at. If your question applies to a specific episode then please give the title if you know it, if you don't know the title then the season it is in, where in the season and some identifying features (eg "The one where Spike kills the annointed", incidentally that episode was called "School Hard" and was the first appearence of Spike and Dru). All pages should be considered spoiler pages so if you don't want to know what's coming don't read them!

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If the form fails for any reason then please mail your question. please include the above information in your mail along with any error message that you get when trying to submit the form.

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