A step in the right direction

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Title: A step in the right direction
Author: Kathryn Merteuil
Disclaimer : The characters used are owned by Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, WB, Fox and probably some other people. I'm just borrowing them for a while.
Copyright : All parts not copyright to another entity (see disclaimer) -- including content, presentation and xHTML -- are copyright Kathryn Merteuil © 2000.
Spoilers : Early to Mid S4. This story is set somewhere after "Who are you?" and is independant of any episodes after that.
Notes : This is my first fic. It was written during a series of bus journeys to and from work on a Psion 3mx then editied in HTMLKit for presentation.
Feedback : Yes please.
Rating : 18/R (possibly NC-17) Soft focus depiction of same sex sexual activity and mild S&M.

"Rap... Rap.."

Tara looked up at the knocking on her dorm room door. She glanced at the clock. Half past nine, most students would be buried in assignments or hitting the clubs at this time on a Friday evening. Tara got up from her bed where she had been lying engrossed in one of her mothers old tomes. She straightened her peasant blouse and brushed some errant crumbs from her blue denim jeans.

"Rap... RAP", the knocking became more urgent.

Tara, a little concerned, her mind starting to run with some of the strange things she had seen since entering UC Sunnydale, opened the door. Before her stood Willow, the person she most wanted to see in the whole world.

Unusually, both for her and the southern Californian climate, Willow was clad in a long dark coat. Wordlessly, sensing things were not as normal, Tara motioned Willow to enter.

Tara examined Willow closely as she closed the door. She seemed... different. Her features more angular, her lips gloss a more richly red shade than normal, her expression more determined, more commanding.

Willow removed her coat to reveal a black cropped tie fronted top in dense satin, a short, tight leather skirt and sheer stockings above heeled boots. Tara noticed that her nails were painted black and extended into to virtual talons. Shocked by her friends changed appearance Tara was intrigued and more than a little scared.

"Close the door", Willow spoke sternly. Tara detected a faint hint of alcohol, as she complied.

When Tara turned back Willow had opened her shoulder bag and extracted a short black riding crop. Willow paused in thought, idly tapping the crop against her right boot.

"Take off your shoes!", she said, her eyes taking a determined look as they fixed with Taras.

Tara hesitated. Willows tapping and gaze grew harder.

Tara bent to remove her shoes, more interested and excited than afraid. Placing her shoes neatly beside her bed before could she stand up she felt a caress of her buttocks by a firm rod crossing left to right then down the inside of her leg. raising her head she saw, in the wardrobe mirror before her, and felt Willow run the tip of the crop down to the bottom of her jeans then back up her leg.

"Stand up!", said Willow as she stepped in front of Tara, "Give me your hands.".

Tara raised her hands towards Willow who caressed them gently.


Willow reached behind her and produced a pair of handcuffs which she gently but firmly clamped around Taras wrists. Fixing eye contact with Tara, smiling enigmatically, Willow unbuckled her jeans.

Willow firmly pulled Tara towards the chair before her desk and bent her over its back. Tara felt her jeans being slid emphatically down her legs revealing her red and white gingham check panties then her ankles being lifted out of the jeans which were placed before her precisely folded.

"So sweet", a warm whisper in her ear.

"Ahhh" she gasped as a single stinging strike landed on her left buttock. The initial pain faded quickly and was overridden by thrill. "Oooohuf".

Another sting, to her right, brought an unanticipated rush of pleasure. Awaiting the next blow with both trepidation and desire Tara was surprised to feel the rod slip between her legs and eased up to her Yani. Slipping back and forth, forwards and back, teasing her through the delicate cotton, moistening it with her dew.

"Like that?" said the soft voice behind her. Tara could not make her mouth form the words to reply.


The crop was withdrawn and before Tara could react brought smartly across both cheeks. The multitude of sensations brought a cry to her lips.

"Stand up!". Tara stood and looked into the face before her. She could not be sure but the look seemed to contain both fire and ice.

Willow guided Tara to the bed with the tip of the crop and motioned her to lie. Taking four white silk scarves from her bag Willow stepped up to the bed. Willow stroked Taras face and neck with the scarves then used two to secure her ankles to the bed posts. Tara wondered what her fellow Wiccan had in mind?

Taking a key from her waist band Willow freed Taras hands only to secure them with the remaining scarves to the posts at the head of the bed. Secured but still able to move somewhat Tara raised her head to see Willow reach into her bag again. When she returned to view Willow was holding a large pair of dressmakers scissors. Tara stiffened visibly. Willow looked into her eyes and smiled, a little of her accustomed sweetness showing through. She raised a finger to her lips and shushed Tara.

"Don’t worry, my sweet" she whispered, a little husky, as she placed the scissors on the night table. "These will do you no harm.".

Willow leant over Tara and placed a sweet kiss on her cheek. She began to undo each button on Taras blouse with slow, sensual determination. Gradually Taras white lace and pale skin was exposed to the light and Willows delicate touch.

Willow stepped away and reached into her bag another time. As Willow stepped towards the head of the bed Tara could see that her hands held a padded blindfold resembling an old fashioned night mask. Willow placed the blindfold over Taras eyes, giving her a sweet smile before cutting out all light and securing the mask. Tara felt Willows lips brush her own in a fleeting kiss.

Tara felt rather than heard Willow move down the bed then suddenly a cold metal edge on her left hip.

Snip! The edge was taken away only to reappear on her right as the tension was released in the waist of her panties. Snip! Tara heard the Scissors being returned to the night table and her cut panties being removed. something was placed by her head and by turning a little to the right Tara could detect the rich scent of desire that she knew to be her own.

"Yes, my sweet.", said the soft voice.

A hand traveled up Taras leg, enjoying the silky feel of flesh on flesh. the hand reached her waist and continued upwards pausing here and there to caress those places that she thought only she knew about. Onwards up her neck, brushing her cheek, touching her nose, stroking her ear, running through her hair. Her whole consciousness followed the hand as it, and it’s partner, explored her body until settling upon the seat of her response.

Slowly, delicately her hidden folds were parted and her pearl of pleasure brought to light with ease. Ardent fingers caressed her centre bringing heat and feeling to her core. Firmly gently, urgently questing digits buried them selves in her seemingly taking pleasure equal to her own. The hands partner simultaneously renewed it’s explorations of her form which filled the entirety of Taras universe.

"Oh. Oh. Oooohhhh"

The fingers withdrew and were placed on Taras lips for a moment before returning to their task. Tara licked and tasted the residue of herself that they had left behind.

Taras breathing changed as she felt the sensations intensify and expand. Ripples of hot and cold pleasure shot throughout her body, seeming to continue out under their own momentum to go beyond the room, the campus, the atmosphere. Ripples turned to waves, to tsunami, crescendoing to a peak, crashing on the shores of her mind only to rebuild to greater heights until Tara was utterly spent.

As she once again became aware of the outside world Tara heard the whisper in her ear, "My sweet.". Her breathing began to return to normal leaving only the warm glow suffusing her body.

Movement above her brought Tara back to reality. A brief kiss was followed a brief touch of rough lace on each cheek and a gentle pressure of another kind on her lips. leather and another foreign but familiar scent filled her nostrils. Her tongue and lips explored and discovered Willows own gentle folds. Excited, she discovered within and probed eagerly. Above her, she heard a change in Willows breathing.

"Yes", softly whispered.

Suddenly her focus was taken from her only to return moments later, shortly followed by a reciprocal action where she had been so recently pleasured. Tara delighted in both the giving and receiving, not knowing which was the greater.

Sensations built to a crescendo, each on their part crying their delight. Both lost in their private shared paradise.

When both had recovered Tara felt a firm kiss to her lips and her blinkers were removed and bonded limbs released. She sat up and took Willow in her arms in an embrace of pure love. When they reluctantly broke Willow handed Tara her jeans with a warm smile. Tara stared at them as if unsure. A look of chagrin crossed Willows visage, she reached into a drawer and withdrew a pair of fresh cotton panties. Willow handed the item to Tara who quickly slipped into them, buttoned her blouse and slid into her jeans. Looking for her shoes Tara saw that Willow had picked them up. she was about to reach for them when Willow gently took her right ankle and slipped the shoe on to her foot then repeated for the left.

Tara stood up as Willow dropped the last few items into her bag and reclad herself in her coat. As they stepped to the door Tara kissed her lover goodbye and let her leave with love and desire still burning in her heart.

Kathryn Merteuil