A Chance Meeting

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Title: A Chance Meeting
Author: Kathryn Merteuil
Disclaimer : The characters used are owned by Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, WB, Fox and probably some other people. I'm just borrowing them for a while.
Copyright : All parts not copyright to another entity (see disclaimer) -- including content, presentation and xHTML -- are copyright Kathryn Merteuil © 2000.
Spoilers : Late season 4. The story is a short time after the end of S4 but refers to events in "Where The Wild Things Are" and "New Moon Rising". At time of writing I have not seen any episodes after "Where The Wild Things Are" so diverge from the official history at that episode.
Notes :

This fic occured to me whilst in the shower, it is subject to beta editing and (possibly) inclusion in a larger fic.

In case people haven't come across the term, a Barista is someone who serves in an expresso shop. The Baristas dialogue is based on some I know who work in Coffee Republic on New Street in Birmingham UK.

Feedback : Yes please.
Rating : PG-13/G

Willow opened the door of The Expresso Pump and followed Tara, her lover, in. They had decided on impulse to come into Sunnydale for a late night coffee. They walked up to the counter virtually oblivious to thier surroundings.

"The usual?", asked the Barista.

"Yes, please.", they answered in unison and laughed, "to stay", they completed still in step.

"Double Decaf Skinny Hazlenut Latte and Black Stawb and Logan Tea to stay", the barista called to his fellow on the expresso machine. She repeated the order back and began getting thier drinks.

Picking up their drinks Willow and Tara looked around for a place to sit. "Isn’t that Mr Giles over in the corner?", asked Tara.

Willow looked around following Tara’s line of vision until she saw her old mentor and friend seated alone at a table. Willow nodded and walked over. Giles appeared to have shed his acustomed tweed for the evening and was wearing a light grey coat. Willow smiled fondly at the memory of the last time that they had seen Giles in this place, the notes of "Behind Blue Eyes" and his haunting voice still rang in her ears.

"Hi, Giles", said Willow in greeting.

"Oh. Hello.. Willow... uh.. Tara.", Giles seemed a little nervous at seeing them.

"Can we join you?", asked Willow, sighing internally that Giles apparently still was a little unsure about her new love.

"Of course, please do. Uh... I just popped in for a drink before the film"

Willow took a seat opposite Giles, picking up the small holdall that was on the chair and putting it on the table. From the end pocket peaked a ’Kit-Kat’ bar. "Yours?".

Giles nodded. Willow turned to Tara and noticed that not only had she not sat down but she seemed to be staring under Giles’ chair her mouth a little agape. "Mr G-Giles wuh-wuh..", Tara began.

Willow looked to see what was bothering her fellow wiccan. At first she didn't see what was wrong, concentrating on the floor under the chair and expecting to see some mystic sigil or signs of a demon rising through the floor. Then her jaw dropped she saw Giles’ feet. Clad in Diamante encrusted high heeled black sandals. His feet and legs as far as she could see until they were hidden by his long coat were sheathed in sheer fine black stockings. Willow noted, before her mind could censor it, that his legs were both shaved and very good for a man of his age. Quickly she returned her gaze above the table. "Giles? Why are you... Why?", she couldn't quite phrase the question.

Giles looked embarressed and resigned. He guided their view to the Sun Cinema accross the street.

The sign read "Tonite Only - Rocky Horror Picture Show - Don’t dream it, be it".

Kathryn Merteuil