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Kathryn Merteuil

Disclaimer :

The characters used are owned by Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, WB, Fox and probably some other people. I'm just borrowing them for a while.

The dance Anya mentions and performs is taken from "Being a green mother" by Piers Anthony and other books of his "Incarnations of Immortality" series. I reccomend you read them, they're very good.

Copyright :

All parts not copyright to another entity (see disclaimer) -- including content, presentation and xHTML -- are copyright Kathryn Merteuil © 2000.

Spoilers :

Shortly after the end of S4. No direct reference made to specific episodes except Riley has left for court martial before going back to Iowa to see his folks and Willow and Tara are together.

Notes :

This was inspired by Scott E Johnston from a comment he made on the -Buffy- mailing list. Warning it contains explicit f/f sex and reference to drinking and drugs use, generally positive.

I've also invented some back story for Anya. I will not be continuing this fic but if anyone would like to then go ahead. If you don't want to continue the fic but like the back story I came up with for Anya and would like to use it then go ahead. In either case please mention Kathryn Merteuil in the disclaimer or notes.

I wrote this pretty much straight through over a period of about 3.5 hours. It has not been beta read so any mistakes are mine all mine. It's also my first Buffy/Anya Fic so please be kind.

Thoughts are in italics.

Feedback :

Yes please.

Rating :

R/NC17 for sex and drugs references


Buffy slumped into a couch in the Bronze, outside the early evening summer sun was still baking the streets. Sunset was till a couple of hours away. Anyway, between the normal summer lull and the drop in vampire numbers caused by Adams attempted coup, slayage had been virtually non-existent. A vamp who had stumbled into town a week ago, then had virtually stumbled onto her stake a day later, was all the undead had to offer Buffy. She never thought she'd say this but she really missed vampires. Better not let Giles hear that! Buffy sighed, she took a sip of her soda as she ate the last of a pain au chocolat, temptation of the light, chilled and, most importantly, chocolate snack was the Bronze's new offering.

Willow had gone out of town for a few weeks with Tara visiting some sites of Wiccan interest. Riley had called two nights ago. His honourable discharge had come through and he had returned to his familys farm in Iowa. He said that he would be there for a few weeks spending time with his family before deciding what to do next. I thought he would come back to me next! Buffy sighed again.

"I know that feeling" came a familair voice from behind her.

Buffy looked up and Anya dropped beside her, she placed two bottles of chilled beer on the table. Anya indicated one of the bottles "Want one?".

"No thanks, I've had bad experiences" Buffy grimaced

"Oh yes. Xander told me about the Cave Slayer incident" Anya couldn't suppress the smug tone in her voice.

"I'm gonna slay him! Where is Mr Runs-away-at-the-mouth?"

"They haven't brought him back yet."

Buffy smiled at little as she remembered. Xander had been caught littering one time too many and under Sunnydales new 'Get Tough On Crime' initiative had been sentenced to 100 hours community service litter picking by the highway.

Buffy stared at the condensation running seductively down the beer bottle, she shook her head to clear her thoughts then looked at Anya "Anyhow, how did you get them? I mean you might be a couple of thousand years old but that body's under 21."

Anyas eyes narrowed for a split second "Eleven hundred years actually"

Buffy smiled "Just kidding. But how come the beer?"

"Xanders friend, you know, from the chain gang makes fake IDs. Here look" Anya handed Buffy a laminated card.

Buffy examined the card "Anya Pietstocter?"

"Well we didn't really go for last names when I was last humam. My fathers name was Pieter, it means Piets Daughter."

"I was just wondering" Buffy handed back the ID.

"So do you want the beer or not?"

Buffy looked at the bottle in front of her, tempting. She shrugged. Well your only young once she thought, looked at Anya twice! she corrected herself.

"Thanks" simply said

"You're welcome"

"Looks like Xanders finally cracked it with the humanity lessons" Buffy thought. She sipped the beer, it has a tart but slightly sweet taste, and it tingled refreshingly as she swallowed. Buffy glanced at the label ' Twilight - Brewed in the US under license from Rising Sun Brewery, Audsley, North Staffordshire, England' it read. Buffy nodded appreciatively and took a larger sip and wondered what Giles would think.

"It's a real ale" Anya supplied "One of the things that never ceases to amaze me is that these days people have forgotten that the best way to make beer is to drop some hops, barley, spring water and yeast into a big bucket and leave it for a week."

Buffy nodded as she rolled the dark amber fluid across her tongue feeling the flavours develop. She noticed a barman looking at her and put the bottle down. "I think he knows I'm under age, we don't want to get thrown out."

"Well it's a great evening. What do you think I get a few more of these babies" she said glancing at Buffys rapidly emptying bottle "and we'll go get some air?"

Buffy considered for a moment then nodded Can't hurt she thought.

Anya went to the bar and asked for a six pack to take out. She showed her ID and handed over the money to the satisfied barman.

Buffy picked up her light jacket and the two nearly consumed bottles . She met Anya at the door. "Weatherby park? It's the closest".

Anya nodded as she swung the door open.

They walked in companionable silence enjoying the summer evening and sipping their beers. I could get used this, Buffy thought in moderate amounts. They entered the park and found a quiet corner in the shade of some trees. Spreading their jackets on the grass they sat down and watched the world go by. Finishing her beer Buffy tossed the bottle over arm with slayer accuracy into the litter bin.

"Slam dunk" commented Anya, and passed Buffy another bottle. She reached into her pocket and extracting a Swiss army knife from from her pocket.

"I'll bet you were a Girl Scout" said Buffy

"A bit after my time, It's Xanders" Anya replied whilst deftly opening her bottle.

Buffy opened her bottle with a flick of her wrist. She noticed that Anya had produced a packet of cigarette papers and a small plastic bag of a leafy substance. "I didn't think you smoked!"

"It's not tabacco. It's herbal, mainly Colts foot." Anya said with a grin to grace any demon.

"Ah!" said Buffy fascinated by the strange, almost ritual, process of rolling up Anya was performing. Taking 3 papers, licking one and using it to hold the other two together slightly over lapped. Crumbling the dried leaves into the fold of the paper. Buffy could see that the leaves were mostly a yellow brown but mixed in (approximately a quarter) was greeeny grey. Anya formed the papers into a V and slowly rolled them between her fingers expertly distributing the contents evenly along the length, occasionally moving the leaves from one end and redistributing them along the remainder of the length. Eventually satisfied Anya folded one side of the papers into the other and with a smooth movement of her fingers formed them into a cylinder with just the gum strip sticking out. She ran her tongue along the length and sealed it with a final twist. Anya then ripped a half inch of card from the flap of her packet of papers, twisted it tightly and inserted it in the clear end of her cigarette, the other end she twisted tightly and bit off the tiny flap of paper. Anya produced a lighter and the first twist of smoke appeared leaving her lips. She pocketed her lighter and inhaled the whispy smoke, holding her breath she closed her eyes for several seconds and exhaled slowly, Buffy watched Anyas chest fall as she exhaled.

Buffy was a good way through her second bottle of beer and beginning to feel the beer buzz as the sweet herbal smoke drifted in her direction entering through her nostrils, "So if it's mostly Colts foot what's the rest?"

"I got it from the guy who made me the ID, he grows it, herbal and relaxing, British beer's good but this is much better than tea" Anya handed the concoction to Buffy.

Before she really considered what she was doing Buffy took a toke slowly as Anya had.

"Hold it down for a few seconds"

Buffy complied and then slowly exhaled "Wow, it's made my mouth feel all cool inside"

"That's the colts foot" Anya took a toke then passed it back for Buffy to have another.

Buffy inhaled, savouring the cool feeling and sweet taste as the smoke crossed her tongue and her body relaxed. Anya blew 3 smoke rings, perfect halos. Buffy exhaled "How do you do that?"

"You have to kind of roll and fold your tongue and then flick it" Anya demonstrated.

Buffy tried to emulate the ex-demon but could only manage a horseshoe.

"It takes practice."

"So what's in it? Besides the Colts foot." Buffy looked at Anya starting to feel light headed but warm and comfortable. She noticed that the setting sun had turned Anyas hair into a halo of fire around her eyes of delicate blue ice. Gently she stretched out a hand and brushed a few errant strands from Anyas cheek. Somewhere in the back of her memory she felt that she recognised the smell of this smoke.

Anya gently stroked the back of Buffys extended hand and forearm "He called it Holy weed but anyone could tell it was cannabis.".

Buffy stopped for a moment "But that's illegal!"

Anya smiled indulgently "But it's probably the most commonly broken law. Well, barring speeding."

Buffy suddenly realised where she knew the smell from. Numerous times in the corridor of her dorm hall. On the lawns of the university grounds. In 'The Grotto' coffee bar. And, Oh, God, at Giles' house when her mother had been there on 'Band Candy' night and, now she came to think about it, on a number of subsequent occasions both there and on her mothers clothes.

"I'm sorry, I figured you'd have guessed. I thought you were cool with it slayers healing powers and all. If you want to stop I'll stub it now. It's not chemically addictive and you'll be back to normal in a few hours, well you might be a bit hungry but that passes. The main effect is like alcohol but without a lot of the negative effects like hangovers or vomiting" Anya explained, seeming a little nervous.

Buffy considered for a moment "Well if Giles and Mom do it then it must be OK" she thought taking the joint from Anya and taking the smoke deep into her lungs "Giles isn't stupid". Anya relaxed and smiled.

"You look nice when you smile like that" Buffy told Anya "I can see why Xander stays with you."

"He just likes the orgasms." Anya pouted slightly.

Buffy put her finger to Anyas lips "Orgasms are good but they're not the reason why Xander wants be with you. Well, not the only reason at least."

Anyas smile deepened, she took joint that Buffy proffered back to her and took a toke. On an impulse Buffy leant in and kissed her on the lips drawing some of the smoke from Anyas mouth into her own. As the parted they both inhaled in synchrony.

As they exhaled Anya said "That was nice!"

"It felt like the right thing to do at the time."

"My place isn't far from here" Anya said a little breathless "Shall we continue this there?"

Buffy nodded and stood. At first she felt a little dizzy but that soon passed. They picked up their jackets and the remaining beers then headed across the park with Anya in the lead. Shortly they reached a small one level home with a neat front yard surrounded by a white picket fence.

"Is this yours?"

"Yes, one of the advantages of being a demon for eleven hundred hears is that you pick up some good investment opportunities. Mind you I really cleaned up in the late 80's and early 90's. I'll bet Steve Jobs regrets ditching his High School girlfriend now!"

"Steve who?"

"He's Oh, never mind. Come on in".

They entered the house which was decorated in exquisite style with a slight Mediterranean hint. "Wow, this is lovely" Buffy exclaimed.

"Thank you, I decorated it myself. Actually I think you're the first person I've brought back here."

"Xander hasn't visited?"

"We tend to stay at his. I come back here when he's working or busy. I know what you all think of me 'Oh. That';s Anya the hormone on legs' but sometimes I do like to just curl up with a good book and a CD."

Buffy was taken aback, this was a side of Anya that have never come to the fore previously.

"I know I have this public persona" Anya continued "Maybe for a time that was me but the more time I spend with all of you the more I change. Did I ever tell you what I did before I was elevated by D'Hoffren?"

"Only that you'd been dumped and you were casting vengeance spells when he found you."

Anya settled on the plush white sofa and indicated that Buffy should take the seat next to her. She relit the joint and handed it to Buffy. As she spoke she began to roll another. "Well, I was about 17 and we lived in what is now northern Italy, I think it was actually part of France at the time. I'd been married to a gorgeous man for about 4 years, he worked his father olive groves and I helped out around the main house. Every evening there'd be a big family meal up at the main house we'd eat, talk and then usually there'd be music. Everyone played some instrument even if it was just banging a drum. Ealan played the tambour and flute, I played, well it was kind of like a mandolin. We both sang. On the night before the Sabbath there'd be dancing as well. Ealan and I were terrific together. There's this dance, originally a Spanish Gypsy dance, called the Taranda that we used to do. Really powerful, really sexy." she paused, recalling "Here I'll show you."

Anya leapt up and turned her CD player on. She selected a CD and pressed play. A slow Latin beat oozed gently from the speakers. "First there is the woman's part as the man stands and watches" Anya danced a series of steps involving slanting of hips, tossing of hair and coquettish glances over her shoulder at Buffy. "Then the mans part as the woman watches" She demonstrated some more steps which seemed to centre around the swaying of her hips and the impression of power. "Then the woman repeats her part and the man joins her, they dance around each other not really touching except occasionally their fingers" Anya continued to demonstrate the woman's part eyes glowing with inner fire. Buffy felt rivers of heat flowing through her body.

Flushed, Anya retook her seat next to Buffy.

"So what happened" asked Buffy as the CD segued into a slow, mournful song. The words sounded Spanish and although she couldn't understand the language Buffy knew that the singer was singing about the pain of a love lost in years and miles.

"After 4 years we still didn't have any children. You've got to understand, back then being 17 and childless was... Well everyone thought there was something wrong with you. People in town would cross the street if they saw you coming. They wouldn't sit at the same pew as you in church. Ealan started to blame me, said I was cursed." Anya seemed about to cry "He left me for a younger girl. My sister took me in and that's when I started casting spells on him, only ever on him. His family was still good to me but they... he was their only son so they couldn't disown him. A few weeks later D'Hoffren found me and elevated me. I never saw Ealan again. I did look in on his family every now and then. His 3 sisters had families but he never managed to have a child although he bedded 3 wives after me."

Buffy put her arms around Anya "Because of the curses?"

"Oh no, I could never put a girl through what I'd been through. The curses were all things like that he'd suffer headaches, toothache and the like." Anya recovered slightly and lit the joint she had been rolling, taking a few tokes before passing it to Buffy. She got up and went into her small kitchen, which extended off the living room. She returned with two large bottles of mineral water standing in a bucket of ice and two glasses "You might feel a bit dehydrated so drink some of this" she said pouring a glass and passing it to Buffy before pouring herself a glass.

Buffy sipped her water "That was a very beautiful dance. Perhaps you could teach me sometime?"

"It's better with a partner. I thought of teaching it to Xander sometime but with his co-ordination"

Buffy smiled and noticing the smile on Anyas lips chuckled "Maybe not".

Buffy felt an uncontrollable urge to kiss that smile. She leaned in and kissed Anya on the lips. They both placed their glasses on the table and the joint in an ashtray. The CD had changed into a less mournful but no less beautiful melody.

Buffy ran her fingers lightly up Anyas neck and through her jaw length hair up around her ear. Anya closed her eyes and took Buffy in her arms. Gently she kissed the slayer from lips to ear lobe which she nibbled and sucked gently. Her hands slid across the cotton of Buffys halter top and down to her waist. Buffy kissed Anyas neck and without breaking contact moved her hands to slide the other girls light cardigan from her shoulders to gain better access. Her hands then moved lightly over Anyas breast to reach the buttons of her dress. One by one Buffy undid the buttons, step by step she exposed Anyas lightly tanned skin and simple white cotton bra. She felt the ex-demon undo the waistband of her skirt. They broke contact for a moment. Anya shed her dress whilst Buffy stepped out of her skirt and quickly lifted her halter top over her head. Buffy admired Anyas delicious curves before stepping in to take her lips once again. She felt Anyas hands skitter across her back to undo the clasp of her bra even as her own were mirroring that action. Anya kissed along the line of Buffys jaw, down her neck and clavicle. Encircling her breast Anya teased Buffy before eventually licking her nipple. As Anya stimulated one breast with her tongue her hands reached a more intimate juncture and began to slide over Buffy's thighs and stomach.

Buffy took Anyas head in her hands and drew her up into a deep kiss before placing small sucking kisses down her neck, shoulder, chest and eventually arriving at her left breast. Buffy tasted the slight sheen of sweat covering the orb, savouring the musky scent and salty taste. Her lips enclosed the nipple which she began to roll and nibble gently. As her mouth tended the left so her hand the right.

"Ooh!" exhaled Anya "the bed." taking her hands from Buffy. Buffy stepped back a little but before she could speak found herself lifted by arms that had strength she had not realised before and carried into an ajoining room.

The room contained a queen sized bed made up with crisp, white, cotton sheets and pillows in matching slips. On the bed side table sat some books and a clock radio. Anya switched on a light against the gathering dusk outside. The light gave a warm glow to the room with it's white walls broken only by a mirror, a painting of a villa and some shelves filled with books. On the opposite side of the bed she could see another night table which contained two framed photographs, one of Xander in his prom tux and the other of the gang sitting on a lawn outside Stevenson hall. From the room they had just left Buffy could hear the continuing sounds of soft Latin love.

Anya lay on the bed next to her and kissed her gently on the ear whilst her hands stroked Buffys thigh. Buffy nibbled Anyas ear. Her hands, roughened by countless stakes, found their way to Anyas breasts and began a slow dance of stimulation. As if by some telepathic signal they both move their hands to the others waist and slid the other girls panties from her body. Face to face. Hand to body. Skin to skin. They faced each other. Each could see a need in the others face, a need which reflected their own, a need which had not been recognised until this evening.

Buffy gently rolled Anya onto her back and kissed her lips tenderly. Slowly but surely she began a sensual journery down her body, pausing for a while amongst slowly undulating mounds, until she reached the dew laden valley. She explored the verdant lushness until she found the hiden cleft and it's concealed treasure. Her tongue teased Anyas clitoris from it's hiding place and her lips enveloped it. Buffy gently slipped one finger between the heated lips of Anya's labia and further. The other hand rose above her head and found a breast. Stroking above and entering below Buffy sought to enrapture the girl before her. Her thumb found a nipple and proceeded to tease squeeze and gently tug on it whilst she added a second finger to the first. She added a third finger then began to move, kissing here and there, up Anyas lithe form. Her thumb took the task her tongue had abandoned. Placing a quick kiss to Anyas lips she returned to the labour she had begun on her left breast whIlst her hands kept up their assault on the right and below. Anya gasped and seconds later Buffy felt a tightening around her fingers and the body beneath her buck and roll. She did not let up her action and soon she felt the reaction repeat with even greater intensity. Buffy returned her mouth to the delicate pearl until she felt a third joyous rapture flow through Anyas body.

Buffy climbed the bed to face Anya. the other girl was breathing deeply, struggling to take control. Eventually she steadied her breathing and her vision. Anya kissed Buffy firmly on the lips before pushing her flat to the mattress. Raining hot kisses all along her body Anya reached Buffy's secret juncture and quickly located her pleasure centre. Anya adopted a hot lapping action which quickly ignited Buffys inner fires, her tongue at Buffys clitoris, Anya inserted a finger into Buffys passage gathering the dew of her pleasure. Anya withdrew her finger and slid it down and behind. Buffy felt a lubricated presence at her anus. Her first instinct was to constrict but the waves of pleasure come from there and Anyas insistent tongue encouraged her to release her tension. As she began to relax she felt the first waves of orgasm flow from her centre. At once they crashed out into her entire being. Her body writhed in pure abandon. Tendrils of pleasure sparked from her body and earthed themselves around the room. Almost as soon as that had passed she felt another explosion within her which lifted her hips from the bed and caused her to cry out "Oh Gods, Oh Anya, Ooooh!".

For a moment Anya relented and satisfied herself with admiring the ripple of Buffys slayer muscles, the way her body was sculpted into a perfect warrior, far more beautiful than any Grecian could ever achieve. Anya renewed her offensive on the helpless slayer riding her through yet another wave until she collapsed spent.

Anya crept up the bed until Buffy met her lips. Their arms snaked around each other. Buffy looked into Anyas eyes and felt safe. Her last thought before they both fell into a deep sleep was "What's sauce for the Wiccan and saucier for the slayer!".

The end (unless someone wants to continue it).